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Oct 7, 2002
Seeking to reduce the variety of billboard sizes we have started to reconstruct 24 & 40 m2 billboards to 32 m2. Five (5) new design constructions have been installed lately. For the time being there are nine (9) 4m x 8m faces available for rent. Step by step we intend to re-install every 24 & 40 m2 sign to develop the current billboard network into signs of 64 & 32 m2
Aug 14, 2002
In Vilnius the billboard at Gelezinio Vilko st., by the bridge and soon-to-be-opened Sports and Entertainment Center "Forum Palace", across from Vilnius Pedagogical University has been reconstructed. Instead of a 24 m2 sign we installed a 64 m2 superstructure and now feel proud of an amazingly spectacular unit.
Aug 5, 2002
In Kaunas the billboard from Savanoriu st. at TOYOTA dealership has been relocated to Siaures-Pramones-Savanoriu st. crossroad. Now the visibility of our billboard reaches the highway going into the city and almost middle of Savanoriu st. leaving the city.

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