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  • BALTIC VISUAL ADVERTISING is a leading provider of large format, vinyl production billboards in Lithuania, with locations on the major roadways and covering the principal entry and exit points to the major cities. In business since 1996, the company strategy was developed by US billboard professionals whose expertise is with large format signs.

  • In 2000, the company acquired Mega Medija for its extensive network of smaller format vinyl billboards. As a result, the Company can now offer i) a variety of size formats, ii) greater flexibility in pricing, and iii) extensive coverage of the key roadways and intersections in the three (3) principal cities of Lithuania.

  • BVA’s billboards are  qualified as  large outdoor advertising formats. We now offer four large format vinyl billboards (24m2, 32m2, 40m2, 64m2), and will be moving to standardize our product to be 32m2 and 64m2, both constructed as unipole design to give maximum visual impact for the advertising message.

  • Our billboard sign faces are positioned to offer clean, unobstructed views for motorists traveling by. They are perfect for brand image support, awareness and long term campaigns. The use of vinyl production insures top quality creative execution, while our lighting technology provides for bright, vivid nighttime messages.

  • Being unique outdoor operators we have been able to “push the envelope” to find and build really spectacular locations that stand out and are talked about. Special attention has been focused on main crossroads, circles and highways. This allows the advertiser to reap additional benefit from the fact the billboard sites themselves are highly talked about. In essence, we focus on the quality, and not the quantity, of our billboard sites.

  • BVA is focused on making outdoor media attractive to advertisers and agencies. We have commissioned SIC Gallup with a task to execute circulation audit. SIC Gallup just completed the circulation audit report and confirmed the fact that BVA billboard sites offer high circulation coverage of the main roadways in each city. The circulation report will now allow advertisers verify the “viewers” of their advertising message and properly compare it to other media such as television, newspaper, etc. Circulation numbers are presented in the List of Locations (OTS - Opportunity To See).
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